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Florida Power and Light (FPL) provides primary power to the Miami Data Vault facility via diverse, underground feeds supported by multiple independent substations. The design is to eliminate single points of failure. Power circuits within the building are fed from dual service feeds. This high reliability, high voltage power is then efficiently transformed down to mid level voltages and distributed through redundant power distribution units.

Internal power circuits are conditioned via MDV’s redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. Our professionally-maintained UPS system eliminates the need for customers to provide their own back up systems. The UPS system supports all critical areas of the building, providing clean power in the event of a momentary power surge or extended outage. Should an outage last for more than a few minutes, one of MDV’s multiple generators picks up its share of the electrical load for seamless delivery of power to the affected area of the building. All generators are inspected and maintained by factory-trained personnel, as well as tested weekly.

MDV is fully-aware that our customers rely on us to provide full power at all times, regardless of external conditions, and we do everything possible to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Throughout the facility, each suite area is cooled and humidity-controlled by redundant precision HVAC systems. These systems are monitored on a 24/7 basis to balance air temperature and humidity to predetermined precision levels. With the redundant design of the system, Miami Data Vault would be adequately environmentally controlled with only half of the systems operating. This excess available capacity allows MDV personnel to perform scheduled maintenance on any HVAC component, while maintaining constant temperature and humidity controls. All HVAC units within MDV also are equipped with leak detection circuitry to prevent potential condensation discharge during peak heat-load periods.

Throughout the years, MDV continually has upgraded its HVAC capacity to keep pace with technology. Advancements in server technology allow for smaller, more powerful units, requiring more power and creating excessive heat loads in data centers. The net result is a never-ending requirement for increased cooling capacity. MDV is committed to ongoing improvements and expansion of our internal systems to meet customer demands now and in the future.


Miami Data Vault is equipped with the patented Foreseer technology for system monitoring. The Foreseer system continually monitors the performance of internal systems. If an adverse change occurs, then on-site personnel are notified immediately for quick response. Additionally, the system automatically sends notifications to appropriate MDV staff on a 24/7 basis. The Foreseer is a valuable facility management tool, providing MDV personnel with real-time situational awareness.


The physical structure of Miami Data Vault has the lowest fire rating possible. Simply put, very few flammable materials are in the base building construction, resulting in a minimal potential for fire. However, in order to protect our customers and meet local building codes, the building includes all required specialty fire detection/suppression systems. Our sophisticated fire detection system senses even the slightest presence of smoke via our state-of-the-art Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) building technology. Accordingly, MDV’s 24-hour, on-site personnel would be notified of a potential fire event long before it could become a substantial fire. This advanced warning system practically eliminates the possibility of a fire ever gaining momentum. Even a smoldering power supply would be detected well before becoming a serious issue.

In the unlikely event of an actual fire, the data center and disaster recovery suites are protected by double interlock, dry-pipe, pre-action fire suppression systems. With this system, sprinkler pipes contain only compressed air. If a potential fire were detected, then only affected zones would be energized with water in preparation of extinguishing flames. Water is not released unless a sprinkler head actually melts, indicating the presence of an actual fire in the immediate area. Floors are sealed at each level to prevent floor-to-floor water intrusion in the event of a water discharge. To date, MDV has never experienced a fire.


All Miami Data Vault customers and visitors are captured on video surveillance cameras from the moment that they approach our monitored entrance. Security guard authorization or a valid access control card is required to open the gate of MDV’s secure parking area. Access is controlled, for a second time, at the main entrance door and, for a third time, by biometric fingerprint readers as the individual suites are entered. Trained professional security guards have been on-site 24/7 since MDV opened for business in 1999.

Activity in and around MDV is monitored and recorded by a 24-hour video surveillance system. Security personnel have full view of entrance points, perimeter areas, the rooftop, common areas, and all suites. Motion of any kind is recorded and archived for future retrieval, if necessary. In addition to the video system, all individual suite entrances are equipped with card readers, coupled with biometric fingerprint scanners. Authorized entrance activity is verified, time-stamped, and stored for three months. Equipment removal by customers also requires advanced notice to security personnel, providing an additional layer of customer protection.


Miami Data Vault is a carrier-neutral facility, meaning that our customers are welcome to connect to the service provider of their choosing. We assist our customers in meeting many network service providers with a presence in the facility and in the selection of the provider offering the best price and service. Connections to providers are performed by MDV personnel and are available with little notice.

Currently, MDV has 17 full and specialty network service providers with a point of presence in the building. These providers offer our customers a complete range of services in all areas of telephony and data transport. With so many options, MDV customers are assured of the best possible pricing. Also, through our master cross-connect system, we are able to connect any customer to any provider anywhere in the facility. This means that our customers pay only for the connections that they need.


Periodically, customers require space for technicians to work. With that in mind, Miami Data Vault offers office space, conference rooms, and break areas to all personnel working in the building—at no additional charge. These areas are equipped with phone and Wi-Fi connections. Reservations are accepted, or technicians are free to use the areas at any time while working, subject to availability.


Many Miami Data Vault customers have the need to send equipment to the facility. Our staff receives and secures deliveries on behalf of our customers. Customers then unpack, rack, and test incoming equipment in our secure staging area prior to installation on the data center floor. The receiving and testing area is open to customers 24/7 without charge. Utilizing the testing area also reduces activity and eliminates packing materials within the sensitive data center areas.


There are also times when customers require assistance with their equipment. This activity frequently includes equipment reboots or other actions. Miami Data Vault customers are free to request this service on an as-needed or regularly-scheduled basis. Some services require an additional fee, depending on type of activity, frequency, and complexity.